Jeg skrev for nogen tid siden, lidt omkring 10G features, heriblandt om Oracle's Data Pump utility. Yderligere til artiklen faldt jeg over disse artikeler fra OTN, hvori der vises samt omtales syntaxer samt forskelligheder på EXPDP og EXP, samt nye faciliteter som genstart at EXPDP jobs m.v.

"Oracle Data Pump is a new and unique feature of Oracle Database 10g. A new public interface package, DBMS_DATAPUMP, provides a server-side infrastructure for fast data and metadata movement between Oracle databases. It is ideal for large databases and data warehousing environments, where high-performance data movement offers significant time savings to database administrators.

Data Pump automatically manages multiple, parallel streams of unload and load for maximum throughput. The degree of parallelism can be adjusted on-the-fly. There are new and easy-to-use Export and Import utilities (expdp and impdp), as well as a web-based Enterprise Manager export/import interface."